Bus Madness

25 Jun

When I got to the bus stop nearest to me this morning about 20 people were all waiting to get on and then at the next stop there were another 20 people and so needless to say I walked today. Woman with a massive buggy looking as though she was ready to push on at any cost when a bus arrived and if I was going to wait for a bus then she would have been kicked to the curb – wait your turn love or walk off some of that baby weight. Onto the 7.41 now and I had the pleasure of Ball airer inside me and then Posh Pikey coming up the rear and I felt violated. Ball airer stands way too close and that buggy odour that follows him round rapes my nostrils. The usual awkward small talk between Posh Pikey and the bloke who waits and isn’t annoying at all so never gets a mention happened today – PP minced down the steps with outstretched arm to shake hands with the other bloke and the “Alright mate” line was used. It is embarrassing, it really is. I cringe for the normal bloke so badly when I have to hear that. They never sit next to each other to talk any more on the train so why bother with politeness on the platform when you happen to see each other? Cringe. Man next to me is a wanker as he moved both of the overhead air blowers to they pointed at him as well as having the window open which blows cool fresh air onto his neck. Meanwhile BdJ is sitting in a near puddle of damp centimetres away and wishing he would die. I’m going to post now as my room is reducing by the second and I want some music to lighten the mood so my ipod is required.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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