23 Jun

Monday again already? How the fuck did that happen? I waited in all day for the Eon man to come and there was no man that came – what a bunch of wankers? That was their only chance and it has now gone. I don’t know if I should call them to chase it and abuse them or just leave it now to see what their next move is. Let’s see how the day pans out. I am sweating this morning as it is clammy today. I have on clothing for the heat but it isn’t really great for the clam which is a shame. Kathleen Turner was amazing last Friday in Bakersfield Mist – it is still on Groupon if you want to go and it’s just over an hour long so you can be out nice and early. I had time to go shopping in Superdrug on my way to Charing Cross which was nice as it isn’t often you see one open so late but they get a lot of passing trade. Managed to get the shower gel I kept missing out on last week from going to my usual Superdrug. I could have blogged Friday night but as the train was so quiet there didn’t seem much point. Everyone out drowning their sorrows for Rooney’s Morons being bottom of their group. The match tomorrow is going to be hilarious – I wonder if they will even bother to turn up? I’m going to post now as the train hasn’t pissed me off yet – no Posh Pikey, ball airer or Amy Childs wannabe and her minions so it’s been pleasant. I need the ipod though to help pass the time.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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