Lightest of Light

18 Jun

Again you would have thought there was a monsoon on its way with the umbrellas up but the fine rain is finer than that fine rain that will soak you through and is about as wet as snow is when it falls. Needless to say I walked in it and I am as dry now as when I left the house. I could smell the wet in the air but I couldn’t see it until I stepped out into it properly. The station was full of people standing under the hoardings and looking like idiots because the rain wouldn’t have made a difference to them if they did stand in it. On the train now which is the 7.41 that is on time and the 7.31 appeared to have left as it should do. Sitting next to a bloke with a massive phablet which is ridiculous as he is trying to be subtle but every time he activates the screen the light of a million candles flashes through the postcode and we know he is on his massive phone. Is it over compensating for his lack of manhood? I dare say that is the case. There is no need for anyone to have a phone that massive. On the other side of me is another moron who is sitting with his back to the person on the inside and so his gaping legs are pointing at me as is the rest of him. He just looks like a thug sitting like that – it is so fucking rude. Legs agape all in the aisle so he has to move every time someone wants to get past and on a commuter train that is pretty frequent. I am virtually sitting on his lap as well because phablet wanker has his legs agape as well so he can fit that massive phone in between them. Give me strength – how is it only Wednesday? Christ – two little idiots just got on talking about football. One obviously did see football last night and the other didn’t so the snotty, moronic sounding one must tell the muted one all about it inbetween snorts of snot down his throat. I am posting now because I can’t take the fuckery for a moment longer and I need my ipod. Until this evening.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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