Brightest of Bright

18 Jun

What a change during the day and now I have walked to the station with sunglasses on because it is so bright. Almost the longest day of the year which seems to have sped along very quickly and before you know it we will be dark and dreary again leading up to Christmas. Where does the time go? Saying that I have thought it was Thursday all day again which is annoying. How did I lose a day? Oh well it has been a roller coaster again today with lots of work but still time to buy a ticket for Dolly Parton for next Friday – when I am already at the O2 on Thursday – and then this afternoon my husband Jared Leto aka Mr de Jour shared a picture that I sent him on Twitter – that is cross-social media love right there from the man of the moment. It took all my strength not to scream when I saw it there, shared with his 3.1 million followers. There was possible train fuckage earlier on but it seems to have settled and the 18.30 left on time from the right platform and the 18.46 pulled in moments later to greet my tired ass. Looking forward to an empty train tomorrow evening as the Engerland fans will stay to watch the game in the pub. Let’s hope their flags will double as handkerchiefs to wipe the tears away after having to go home after two games. Nobody really pissed me off during the walk aside from the cyclists going down a closed road but there is nothing new there and I was too far away for them to hear my abuse and fight back. I’m going to post – I am exhausted from excitement really today and now I must pose in my sunglasses again as we pulled out of the station. Until tomorrow… it is Thursday right?

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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