Rush Rush Stop

16 Jun


I rushed for the 18.21 and the sheer number of livestock at Cannon Street let me know that the trains were fucked. The 18.21 is now advertised as 18.27 but I doubt it will even have arrived by then, let alone be ready to leave. Well it has arrived and I am on board and a somewhat pained message is scrawled into the back of the seat in front of me. I’m not sure what they think they will overcome but it’s more likely they will be overcome by piss fumes from the train. Kid sitting in front of me scoffing crisps that smell like sweaty feet and be bad a massive bag on the seat next to him with some sort of sport shit in there that he has no intention of moving because it would mean interrupting the scabby crisps. They really do smell awful. London Bridge looks like a vile melee as always when there is train fuckery and tonight’s excuse is a fire somewhere. They haven’t used that one for a while and it is better than the generic “problems on the line” that has been done to death. Below is the kids massive bag along with my latest yellow bikes spot – one this morning by work and then two from the weekend by Kensington Palace. I wasn’t impressed that they are allowed to ride through the park there but they are all foreign like that prick from this morning and they think they are in Amsterdam where bike is king. London is apparently the same to those morons. Bag kid is moving about and I believe he is preparing to get off at Greenwich. Makes sense – nobody sends their kid that far away from home for school unless they pay for the privilege and Greenwich people have money. I am glad I will get home early tonight. In quite tired but not exhausted like I have been. Just didn’t sleep well last night as is normal for a Sunday night. Early to bed tonight after some dinner. I can’t be arsed with mincing about. Time to post.




Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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