Fuck The Government

16 Jun

This is what I was told as I raced up my road by a man with beer and seven hundred bags coming towards me. Quicker than a flash I came back with “If I fuck the government love then who will pay for people like you?” and of course the response was just silence. Fucking moron – get a job and stop sponging. The Monday morning fuckery continued when a man was cycling up my road, wanted to then make an illegal right turn at the top, missed the gap and then went on to the pavement and waited on his bike at the pedestrian crossing with me. He didn’t have a fucking clue what I was saying when I asked him if he knew what a pavement was and that it is illegal to ride on the pavement and he should be on the road. Why come and fucking get a job in this country and you cannot speak the language or obey any laws? The no right turn is clearly signposted at the top of my road and there is markings in the road as well. More fuckery as I followed a woman to the bus stop area who just stopped dead in the middle of the pavement because she wanted to get the bus. She was given a mouthful obviously and then who came trotting down the steps at the station way after I did? Yes, she did and she had gone one stop on the bus and I had got there at least five minutes before she did – what a worthwhile journey that was. The 7.31 was cancelled and so it was pretty busy they when I finally did arrive at the station. They finally emailed about this problem at 7.27 which is no good to me as I am already en route and I don’t look at my phone again until I am at the station. It was cringe watching a pregnant woman’s friend push and push to get into the train so they can sit next to each other – pushing before people had even begun getting off. It’s just fucking rude. That kid isn’t going to grow up to be a very nice person. They are sitting nearby talking absolute shit and very loudly. Monday is horrible. I just want to get into work to get on. Fingers crossed I don’t have a fat ass wedged up against my arm for the rest of the journey but it is most likely. Scabby fuckwits.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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