DLR – Savior of the Day

12 Jun


The trains are completely fucked because of only one line going in and out of Cannon Street and so I have diverted onto the DLR which isn’t even busy although the man next to me is airing his balls after a sweaty day at work so one leg is next to mine and the other? Who knows – it could be any where. I did take a picture but photos are as fucked as the trains tonight. Bank was as always pure evil. Not only is it like descending into Hades when you are going down to the DLR but you have to battle the crowd control at the northern line entrance because all the chavs get that line. I managed to go out at lunchtime, try on clothes and walk back without getting as sweaty as a ten minute trip through Bank has made me. The ball airer keeps flicking his combover as the open windows are causing it to move from covering it’s shiny spot underneath. Judging by the gait of his legs right now I can only imagine how massive his cock and balls are – or perhaps it is all for show and he actually drives a Ferrari. In fact he is on the fucking DLR so he must be hung like a maggot. He is now looking over my side like a meerkat – checking out everything. Well I can’t blame him because I am bloody amazing but I’m afraid I am betrothed to Jared Leto as you all know, so I won’t be staying. Thank fuck – he has gone and I rebooted and I can share the picture. It is now above for you. Let me see if I can get original ball airer picture too from the other morning… nope, sorry. Time to post.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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