10 Jun

Managed to make it to the station and just been held up by about six or seven people who had the door held open for them. Obviously I can’t keep my mouth shut and as more were throwing themselves in I turned and asked when we can go because I can’t be arsed to wait for people and my classic line of telling them to get up earlier because everyone else on the train managed to. My feet feel much better in trainers and it’s not meant to be as hot today – I am wearing jeans as well so it better bloody not be. Just had to reboot my phone so that I could share my picture with you. This came and stood next to me this morning and at first I didn’t recognise it. Then I looked down, saw the scabby looking donkey jacket and then the legs akimbo and realised that ball airer has been shorn and about bloody time too because be looked disgusting with that lank hair. This isn’t too much of an improvement on his overall look but I won’t cringe away from him anymore for fear of being whipped around the face with a greasy strand of hair. Oh – I can’t actually post it because the continuing saga of too many folder in my media area means that it is lost. I will see if I can find it later and share. Time to post but I will see what I can manage later.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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