Half Term Fuckwits

30 May


Cannon Street is apparently made into a playground when the school holidays are on. See above for the children on the slide while their pathetic mother stood out of shot, looking on. Up and down and up and down they were, screeching and running up and down the steps while she stood watching because of course they wouldn’t be able to fall and crack their heads open while she was stood there, would they. I am sick to death of complete fucking morons this week and I have had my fill. This evening there was the cyclist who went down the closed road, hopped up onto the pavement but apparently riding along with both legs on one side while balancing is allowed or so he told me, and then he was off again once he was off the pavement and along the rest of the closed road. Then the Friday night phone ambler who wanders along waiting for someone to text then to ask then to go for a drink before they are at their station and can’t be arsed to turn around – about six or seven of them. At the station is is the fashion this evening to stop dead mid amble to check the phone or to text back to someone which happened three or four times in the 45 seconds or so it took me to get into the station and in position on the platform as they had already announced the number. The last one I saw had the biggest phablet I had ever seen in my life. It might as well have been a fucking iPad because of its sheer size. He must be making up for shortcomings in other areas. He can’t afford a Ferrari and so instead he gets a massive phone. Almost had to go back to work in order to lock up as nobody had keys. When I left someone was there with keys so I didn’t think I would have to leave mine behind but no, that person just left without asking if anyone else was able to lock up. Payday Friday and no rain means the pubs are rammed and so I can tentatively say that the journey should be quiet and relatively smooth. I don’t factor in Southeastern though in this assumption so that could fuck everything up. On our way and Princess Bitchlips below had to move that VIB and VIL (leg) for someone to sit down at London Bridge. A very cute fluffy dog got on though so that is putting a smile on my very tired, miserable mush. Have a great weekend. Obborati. I shall ensure the Duchess has a nice evening tomorrow.



Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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