29 May


I do love causing trouble as well you know and even though there were a load of seats available on the train this morning I made a point of making a woman move her VIB which was on the inside seat, so I could sit down. That meant tearing her away from her phone and then having to struggle to find room to squeeze the bags back in -bovvered? Nah – couldn’t care less. Luggage rack is empty apart from a newspaper or two but that doesn’t matter to morons like that who would rather jam it in by her feet so people trip over it when they get on the train, rather than making it simple all round and getting it up out of the way so nobody loses out. Many apologies for the lack of posting last night but I was tired after laughing for hours with my lovely ladies. I was able to take a picture of the fuckwit above who misses the product description of hands free who was holding the phone in a potentially free hand and the other potentially free hand was holding the hands free cable. Jesus why is it so hard? It really makes me rage – in case you hadn’t noticed – when these people are so fucking stupid. Another one on the train now where she is sitting on two seats in a row of three. Thankfully a woman asked “are you sitting here or here?” and she moved but then the asker apologised to the seat moron and I just shook my head. Stop being so British when the woman was in the wrong completely. On a train you should NEVER have to ask anyone to move themselves or their baggage or feet so you can sit down if that seat is empty. A person wins over a fucking bag any day of the week no matter how important the owner of that bag thinks that the bag is. Posting now as I feel like absolute death again today – this vitamin D deficiency is really getting to me again. I wish the surgery had called me when they got the results last Wednesday then I could have been in this Tuesday instead of now needing to wait until next Tuesday to see someone with a brain and meanwhile wanting to call in sick to work every single day on order to sleep until the early afternoon. It is beyond a joke now. I feel like going home right now.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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