Monday Moron Award

19 May


A wonderful one from this morning. As always, the get off the train – after staring at their phone for 30 plus minutes – and immediately get it out to check it again, meaning that everyone behind then has to slow to a meander but nobody says a word except me. So she gets her phone out and I spy her from a way back – skin tight dress in cobalt blue setting off her undulating sunburned flab underneath – and starts texting. As always I say to her that it must be so important to walk and text and for once the person was able to tear herself away from the oh so important text to respond. I just got “excuse me excuse me do you have a problem excuse me excuse me” said in that wonderfully moronic generic south London accent. As am already way past and she isn’t shushing I turn to tell her to walk more quickly and I continue and again “excuse me excuse me can’t I look at my phone? Excuse me excuse me” – fuck off tubs, nobody cares. You have the whole train journey to text Trevor while he is on his at work no doubt being a traffic marshall outside of my work, so why choose to continue your dull life at the expense of other people who shouldn’t have to walk at your leisurely pace. Get a sweat on and lose some of those pounds. The moronic Monday continued when I was almost at work and in the very heart of one way streets and closed roads. Cyclist coming up the pavement which is the wrong way up a one way street which is closed anyway. I stand in the way and she just goes around me so I steal my moment and bellow “it is a pavement you know?” to which she almost shit herself and the fight response was “fuck yourself” – what a charmer. What pissed me off more was the fact that she had already made at least five or six people get out of her way all the while she has all her safety gear on around her head. Why bother to protect something that is empty? I am still baffled by this. Why do they do it? It’s definitely not for fashion because it looks fucking awful. One day I may learn. Until then I can spend my days counting the yellow Boris bikes – another one stalking me this morning and I’m sick of the sight of then already. I will be late tomorrow as I am venturing to the hospital for a blood test – yes, it has been 12 weeks since I have had the last one and so a morning of waiting with morons. Oh joy.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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