Vile Children

15 May


That train last night was certainly experience when The Fuckwit Crew boarded at Greenwich I think and proceeded to have a domestic all the way to Charlton. Shouting and screeching and swearing and making themselves look like a bunch of thugs and it wasn’t until they got off at Charlton that I finally laid eyes on them – particularly worried about the small boy with then dressed up in a hood and sunglasses who couldn’t be more than about ten perhaps unless he was a runty prepubescent fifteen year old which is a possibility. She was still going when she was off the train with the bloke in a suit that I don’t think was with them but got himself involved. I have no idea what the row was about as their accents were so that you couldn’t understand their thick dialect even though it was in English. The fuckwitted children theme continues this morning as I passed a kid idly ambling along towards the station – about ten, no uniform or school bag and massive earphones on – eating sweets and tossing the wrappers on the pavement. Of course I told him he dropped something, and so I was flashed a dumbfounded look when he finally did hear me, I said to pick up the sweet wrapper and he just shrugged and walked on. Vile little wanker. We have Tony Hurst on the train again this morning, but I am not sure what TV show he is in at the moment as I think he got ditched from Corrie as well ( I don’t watch that) but I am sure the Duchess will be able to put me right about his current acting. The train is loud and it sounds like it might be Amy Childs wannabe but then there are people replying to her in the same voice and loudness so I don’t think it is her and the moronic minions. The ipod will be out soon enough to drown that shit out. I was happy to evict a VIB when I got on so I could sit down but as always I was shot the look of “you just pissed in my face” from the woman who had to move it. A fucking ugly VIB it was too, housing folders and paperwork which are perfectly happy sitting on the floor and don’t even need to go bear a lap. The kid that looks like Rowland from Grange Hill just passed me – why is he never in uniform? – and he looks as thick as ever. I think he must go to a special school for the fuckwitted which are so overcrowded now that they may be forced to integrate with other humans – we don’t want this and we must stop this from happening. There are already too many amongst us. Time to post as the train is about to get busy.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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