Mid Week At Last

14 May


It’s dragging already this week and we are only here at Wednesday now. It is very bright and sunny though which is lovely. Two suitcase wankers have just got on the train though and will no doubt be putting their two massive cases in the aisle as no attempt has been made to put it in the luggage rack – they are sitting in a row of three seats now so I think the cases are next to them. That silly VIB bitch who gets off at Woolwich Dockyard is sitting in front of me in her usual stance with the empty seat next to her. Oooh she got off at Woolwich Arsenal today so I have filled her gap to claim my seat. I can now see better and the suitcase wankers have got one of the cases on the seat between them, oh no they have mow got up to move elsewhere. As long as the cases are on the floor then all is OK. No annoying people on the train – Posh Pikey did arrive just as the train pulled in and said hello to his Tinie Tempah wannabe made behind me but I can’t see him which is wonderful. Funny how he isn’t mares enough to sit and talk to him, and they just make awkward conversation on the platform if Posh Pikey is there with time to chat which is rare. No Amy Childs wannabe today or her fuckwitted minions and that is lovely not to see their minging faces. I did see one minging face though because Ball airer was there this morning with his nasty greasy hair and looking vile in the sunshine. He really does turn my stomach as you can see from the image below. Above is one I took yesterday morning but forgot to post – one of the 101 yellow Boris bikes to celebrate the Tour de France coming to London this summer. It isn’t a great pic as I was on the bus and it was moving but I snapped it and you get the idea. First one I have seen and I doubt I will see another. Just saw three little scruffy foxes basking in the morning sunshine between Westcombe Park and Maze Hill – they are so cute. Put a smile on my miserable commuter face so the carriage has mow lot up of course. Right it is time to post and I’m going to be late tonight. Until then, dear Obborati.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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