14 May


What a melee – they announced the 20.27 and the 20.47 which were both waiting patiently to be filled but the 20.17 sat until 20.12 before they announced the platform and cue the mass exodus – which is unprecedented at this time of night – to platform 2 and then we all wait while the driver waddles down to the front to arrange himself, turn the lights on and finally unlock the doors. Much confusion ensued as people don’t know when the doors are unlocked so I shared my secret to the select few – the doors are ready to open when the orange light comes on at the side of the train. They didn’t seem impressed. Like I give a fuck – constantly press the button and look like a moron dear, because it means nothing to me. I shall just get on when the doors are unlocked as then I look clever. Perhaps the males didn’t like being told the top tip by a woman. Fools. We are on our way in the nick of time and if we had been delayed I would have gone down to give the driver a real reason to be delayed. Look what I saw this morning – see below. Yet another yellow Boris bike and I didn’t think I was going to see another one after yesterday and there it was this morning on the road by work. I wonder if it will be three in a row tomorrow. Just loaded up with the London Bridge scum and I am.curently being made drunk by the breath of people next to me. She is sitting and he is stood looming over us and the smell is too much. Shit faced on a Wednesday night – classy. I do have amazing news though and photos of the first fitty I have managed to snap in as long as i can remember and he was fucking gorgeous. Stood outside Leon as I was catching up with Julie this evening after work. I did take about 20 pictures simply because he was beautiful and I had the opportunity. You have to soak up the experience and make the most of it as the calibre of men has gone downhill of recent years in the City. Too many fools with slick hair and a beard. This one stood out for sure. Smart and attractive – men, take note. I shall finish with a close up of the Boris bike so you can read what it says. It should say “I am a Boris Bike Wanker” but no it focuses more on the TDF instead. I hate cyclists but I will probably go and see them, but mostly so I can sneer at Wiggins because he is not a nice person at all. Time to post – enjoy the scenery girls and gays.





Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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