Another Win

13 May


I walked to the station this morning as the bus was a write off yet again but at least it wasn’t raining – getting drenched on the way to work isn’t as pleasant as it is on the way home. I get onto the train, Posh Pikey skids in front of me and bags the best seat because he is a pathetic little wanker and now I am sitting behind his massive head hearing his shit disco tunes pumping out. I had to tell the man who was sitting on the inside of me to swap seats as he was sitting facing me, and then using all the leg room. I could take no more and said to him to swap so I had some room and he could spread out into the aisle. Posh Pikey obviously turned around to be a nosey little fucker as he isn’t used to noticing anyone else in the morning and looked gobsmacked that he hadn’t thought of it. Man is now on the outside and seems to be a complete zombie. What a start to the day this is. I forgot to post the picture above for you last night – it is the snotty VIB bitch who insisted on having her bag next to her last week, when the other woman started to put her in her place and I joined in. She wasn’t looking as snooty as she tried to last week and also has her bag on her lap. I will take that as another win, but a joint win with the lady who began fighting the good fight that day. The music that is coming from Posh Pikey is hilarious – he is in his “tweed” jacket and pastel striped shirt and is listening to gay anthems again. It just doesn’t add up because he isn’t stylish enough to be a gay and his hair is pretty greasy which isn’t making the view very pretty. I’m going to post so I can get my ipod out as I am sick of that bloody racket in front. I’m also ready to vomit as there is a strange odour on the train so either Posh Pikey or the zombie next to me will be wearing last night’s dinner all day long. Let’s see, shall we…?

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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