I Don’t Care

12 May

I am absolutely soaked but I am not in the slightest bit bothered. I know that a bit of rain isn’t going to make me burn unlike the other morons. As I strolled down St Swithins Lane it started to come down a little harder and two idiots stopped dead to run for cover as if their life depended on it – it really is worrying. How do they get through life? They must wear the same clothes each day so they worry if they get wet, and that is the only conclusion I can come to. It has been a challenging day at work. I am having a new PC as my current one is about to have a hard drive failure. Newbie is building the new one for me and usually we take four hours start to finish replacing a PC for a customer – he has been at it a out a week and a half and there is way too much back and forwarding. I got into work and he was on my computer gathering information. I went to the toilet and I came back and he was there again gathering information. He has been over to me about six times today to ask me something. It is a fucking annoyance. I don’t want a new computer now as it is taking the piss. I can’t get into anything as he just comes and hovers waiting and in the process be will stare at my screen watching what I am doing. I don’t mind doing it once or twice but this is beyond a joke. God forbid the customer who has to go through this when he gets let loose on them. I know 100% that when I have my new computer, it won’t be right anyway. It is so frustrating. I could just do it myself. When you work for an IT support company your own IT support cones at the bottom of the list. Fuck it if I can’t work hey? Onwards and upwards though and I am on the way home. Woman next to me has just made herself at home; taken her coat and cardi off, hung her bag on the seat in front, sat back, finished her coffee and now is reading the paper while chomping on an apple – fuck off and die, love, this isn’t your living room. Correction – I think it is a tranny. It just got up to sit in the seat that became vacant in front – more room to spread out natch. Give me strength. I’m going to post now.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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