Slightly Better

7 May


The train was just about on time this morning with no previous delays that I read about and the station wasn’t like it was yesterday morning. We do however have a buggy taking up the aisle and the Polish schoolgirl slut was stood right in my place at the platform edge as if she has just realised where the best place to stand is after months of observing me. I don’t think she has a ticket so she can fuck off if she thinks she can get on before BdJ. No chance. I had to walk again today as buses are in short supply. Another 469 went past without stopping bit again I saw empty seats at the back that nobody wanted to fill for fear of missing their stop. The bus last night was full of fuckwits – and there are photos. The silly bitch above was sitting across two seats and leaning over to her buggy whilst on the phone. She made no attempt whatever to get off the phone while she barged past me and then battled to get her massive buggy out singlehandedly and my “get off your phone you stupid bitch and ask people to excuse you” wasn’t even heard, or anything else that I shouted as she got off and promptly stood right in the middle of the pavement so other people trying to get off behind her were stuck. Mobile phones and buggies – ban that shit now. Especially on a bus where you are completely unaware of everything around you and end up looking as though you are as thick as shit and completely self centered. Oh wait… that IS the reality of that situation. Sorry I got confused for a moment. The second picture – below – Was sitting behind buggy bitch and sat shovelling crisps into her face while cuddling the shopping bags on the seat next to her. Why? The bags didn’t pay for a seat and both those bitches are happy to let people stand up rather than moving to let paying people sit down. Neither of them work and so we can safely assume that us hard working tax paying people are paying for them and their illegitimate spawn. It is vile and that woman in hot pants is also vile when her legs look like that. I need to post. The kid in the buggy here keeps chattering and it’s beyond a joke now. I don’t need to hear the lispy spotty whining of a small child on a Wednesday morning. I am done.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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