Flying Wanker

2 May

Just witnessed suited man speeding down Cannon Street on the Boris bike ringing his bell like there is no tomorrow and ploughing straight through a red light while people were crossing. No regard at all for anyone else and no protective clothing at all. Fingers crossed his brakes fail next time he tries to do that and he ends up in the gutter where he belongs. It is Friday evening and I am now on the train home – nothing like this feeling especially when you know there is nothing to do all weekend and you can rest. The train is nice and quiet because of payday, Friday and long weekend so people are either going away or in the pub. Bliss. Can’t get enough of a Friday like this. It has been a good day for travel. While in the long queue to get on the 43 at London Bridge this morning, a sneaky little 141 slipped in between the gap where two buses were parked, opened his doors and on I trotted and I love being first in a bus. Then waiting to cross roads on the way to the station this evening all the crossings were in my favour and as I arrived onto the concourse whole trying to negotiate the idiots who stare aimlessly at the boards they announced the 18.46 and so I strolled straight on through the barriers and onto the platform where the train arrived soon after – perfection. I may have totally jinxed my good travel luck now by typing that outloud but there isn’t much to go wrong now with a train journey to go and then I will probably walk unless there is a bus there that is empty when I get to Plumstead. Leaving the station a little late but three people are in my part of the carriage so this should be a nice journey. Have a lovely long weekend my wonderful Obborati – you deserve it.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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