Platform 7

1 May


Well here I am waiting for the 19.37 because I have been manicured and my nails are looking lovely. I also spunked some cash on polish but I doubt anyone is surprised. I chose a different seat to my original choice because that area honked of booze because of the scene below. The view above is what I can see while I wait for the train to depart as I have had to walk the length of one train to get to the one that is in service as the one at the start of the platform is sleeping now. It was pissing down as I powered to House of Frasier for my beauty treatment but it has stopped now so I have unzipped my anorak (which matches my nails) and removed the hood even though I am slightly fluffy underneath. Just heard the Benny on the platform shouting fuck to his colleague further along – what a classy bunch of wankers work for Southeastern trains. The train is blissfully empty as I know they can be at this time of evening and I don’t mind being this late when it is still light outside. Friday tomorrow and all is right with the world of Bitch de Jour. I have noticed a Sainsburys on Cannon Street that I have never noticed before and didn’t look particularly new when I sauntered past from the opposite direction to normal. It is virtually opposite the exit of St. Swithins Lane but I have never noticed it before. I like that it is there though because it is a lot cheaper than Marks and I don’t have a problem with Sainsburys yet. Tesco is hated by me because they just don’t give a fuck about their customers anymore, and I have felt that way for almost three years now. London Bridge hasn’t disappointed with the usual fuckwittery. A woman has sat next to me who is balancing her bike in the aisle and being in the way. Just stand up, fuckwit, and hold your bike. Just remembered pics from last Sunday that I shall share of a bike wanker on the tube. He was taking up three seats along with the area for a buggy and went two stops after spreading out. I did piss myself laughing though when he got up to get off and the biggest fold up bike I have ever seen toppled over with a crash and everyone looked around. It was a struggle for him to get it up again too as it weighed a tonne. Silly fucker – use the bike for the purpose it was intended; ride it to where you want to go. I don’t want to see it nestling in places for humans on public transport because you are too lazy to put hoof to peddle. Just managed to get a picture of the fuckwit next to me with her makeshift gate to keep me penned in. Fuck off, love and shove that piece of shit up your ass. Time to post. I can’t be doing with more ranting in case I chip my polish.








Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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