It’s Good To Walk

30 Apr

See what I did there? On the day that poor old Bob Hoskins died I have used one of his famous phrases to describe my observations this evening and that is because I am sick of seeing idiots on scooters thinking they are surely beating the tube strike when in fact they are just as slow as walkers because of the walkers so it is indeed good to walk. The cameras were at London Bridge again this morning but I am pretty sure it wasn’t as busy as it was yesterday morning. I got on the bus and got a seat despite there being a queue but it wasn’t as long as the one yesterday. Perhaps they decided to run extra buses like they should have yesterday to make up for the shortfall when the empty one went. The bus stopped at all the stops as well to pick up and drop off so it was far better. Way too many cyclists taking up the bus lane though over the bridge at London Bridge and they are just a pain in the ass. It is the traffic lights with the pedestrian crossing and box junction just before you get onto the bridge, where the buses leave the station that is the most dangerous and where they never stop where they are meant to. Woman who slowed down in the middle of the crossing got a head shake from me from the bus, and then couldn’t look back up to make eye contact with me and instead went behind the bus which is dangerous as traffic was coming towards her. Sadly I think she made it though, but hopefully not through the rest of the day. Just been reminded of two more annoyances of mine – men and canvas bags and people who don’t clear the notification icons on their phones. Men with bags looks ridiculous with canvas bags slung over their shoulders, it just doesn’t look right. If you are retired and use it while wearing khaki shorts and Jesus creeper sandles you are good to go, but in a suit and tie? Nah mate. I must just pause as Amy Childs wannabe has just strolled past me on the train looking as rough as fuck with her hair scraped back and no make up on. Funny how she spends hours applying it in the morning for it all to have worn off by now – she needs a good primer and of course a better face. Now onto the second and last annoyance – notification icons. Woman next to me just frantically pulled out her BlackBerry and answered one email but I could see there were at least four icons on her home screen which means unread messages – I cannot stand that. I have to clear mine so I know I have nothing outstanding to do and if I have one, I know I cannot rest until it is read and real with. Having hundreds of unread emails is just not possible – don’t set up those email accounts if you can’t be arsed to read the email. Set up your spam filter to maximum so they don’t all come through if that is the problem or just delete the account and deal with it online. Or just go into the inbox, select all and mark all as read. Am I a little too OCD? Possibly. Train is moving and we are on time – hurrah I will make the post office before it closes. Time to post and back to normality tomorrow apres tube strike… until the three day-er next week. Roll on the long weekend – I need to recuperate.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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