Down With A Bump

28 Apr

After a massive high weekend I am now back in the gutter with the commuters and I fucking hate it even more because of the weekend. Friday at the O2 and McBusted were phenomenal then yesterday at the Olympic Park and I have 300 pictures of Tom Daley in the shower. Now I am on a train. Stinking sleeping bloke next to me, shit music coming out from somewhere nearby, papers rustling and it’s fucking hell on wheels. As I strolled along the high street as I didn’t want to get the bus – as I knew the train was delayed so there was no need to rush – I passed the second bus stop, and passed the post office door where a man came out and promptly spat at my feet. It’s absolutely fucking disgusting. If I could punch everyone that I see spitting then I would but then I would have fucked up knuckles from the continual pounding. The train is a bit busier than usual this morning but that is probably because of the slight delay – the 7.41 is now the 7.44 unofficially – so people for the next train probably get on so they are early. Lucky fuckers. Tube strike is meant to happen later. I’m not worried as it didn’t fuck up my journey last time so it should be fine this time too. People are too thick to get the bus from the bus station and instead all clamour for a space outside the station at London Bridge instead leaving me to my lovely seat. Plus most people walk in the City and it was west end that got fucked up last time as those folk don’t know how to walk. I need the ipod and to post as I am on the edge and needing to keep my elbows in as the morons from Westcombe Park are getting on. Until this evening.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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