25 Apr


For once I’m not observing hocking of shimmery shit onto the pavement but in fact the pathetic precipitation from the sky as it is barely damp yet there are the brolly nazis out in force trying to protect the hair that is slicked back into a Croydon face-lift and surely has no room to go fuzzy when it is tethered that much? Ball airer has been out in force this week and he was there again this morning and Posh Pikey also minced down the steps with seconds to spare. He stands in another place though which is good as I can take pictures of him looking like a dog’s dinner – see above. As you can see from the boards that have actually shown up this time, he is cutting it fine as always. It must take him an age to get himself looking like that… look at that man-bag which I do believe he swiped off a pensioner on the 469 bus to Queen Elizabeth hospital. I am on the train now though and the ipod was an instant addition to my shell likes as there is someone else with shit music and a kid further down. A busy weekend ahead starting with McBusted tonight at my second home and then the World Diving Series at the Olympic Park on Sunday. I need to fit in many naps tomorrow though as I feel quite shattered this morning. I have taken a peppermint oil tablet as part of the latest health kick – detox time – and I am breathing peppermint and it’s making me feel warm inside, like when you have a shot of sambuca or a neat vodka. Not sure if I like the feeling or not yet… time will tell. Christ just pulled in to pick up the morons from Westcombe Park and a woman has boarded who looks as though she should have her eyes propped open with matchsticks. She looks fucking rough as hell. Great – she has sat next to me. Time to post as she is rather rotund and I can no longer stretch out. Until later my dears.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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