Thankfully Thursday

24 Apr


Before I begin properly Tony Hurst has just joined me on the train – you know, Mike Barnes from Hollyoaks and the fireman from Corrie? Yes, along with me this train is certified A List today and when Emily Watson gets on it will be off the scale. Now to business and the utter fuckery of this morning so far. Managed to get a bus and as always as soon as I stepped on I wish I hadn’t. Packed to the gunnels with morons. I choose a place near to the door as my path is blocked to get past and so I have a man using the opening mechanism as a hand rail to my left and a child with its hood up engrossed in Roger Red Hat or similar on my right. We get to the next stop, people get off and so I get right in front of the door to ensure I can escape as quickly as possible when we arrive at the station and the kid with the book doesn’t even move. Head down, hood up and not even aware that I am there until the book brushes against me and it has to look up. I am still none the wiser on sex as it chose to keep the hood right up over its head and done right up like Kenny from Southpark. I do wish kids wouldn’t wear their fucking hoods up indoors, especially when it’s not even cold, windy or raining – where is the need? Then when I am able to escape the fuckwittery of the 177 I get to the station where a rotund bitch is stopped chatting with her massive three wheeled buggy and toddler in tow to an equally fat bitch and they have chosen to stand right in the middle of the entrance to the station and make no attempt to roll on over when people need to get past. Buggies shouldn’t not be allowed on trains at this time, especially when accompanied by fat whores who are as thick as shit. There isn’t a reason for the benefits women to be on a train at that time of day. Ball airer was out in force today and danced around me when I arrived. You have a close up of the disgusting hair he has today – be careful not to lose your breakfast. It is vile. Until this evening…

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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