Puffy Eyes

11 Apr


What a sad evening I had last night having to say goodbye to one of my Leto Ladies – yes the real Queen of Australia is leaving to go back to her antipodean homeland and I will miss her terribly. Southeastern have made sure I have other things to think about this morning though as they have kindly continued to delay the train and I think that is now every day this week. I didn’t post last night as I was out with the Queen and for which I must apologise – I am getting most lax of late but I hope that will soon change. I am off work all of next week and away so there will be no posting of note then either and then I am back to work on the Wednesday after the bank holiday Monday. What a long break for BdJ but of course a well deserved one. I took a trip over to east London yesterday afternoon for a work meeting and saw the lady above. Obviously on her phone and saying how she has just done a bit of shopping at Lidl and she is now having her nails done – a fucking nail clipper on a number D6 bus. Give me strength. It was eventful after the meeting as well. My boss and I ambled up to the bus stop and he was on his phone while I was his guide. The busy main road is next to us and a group of kids playing football on the pavement; they were about 7 or 8 I suppose. The ball gets kicked out into the road and then without hesitation the boy closest just trips out into the road while looking back at his friends. Black cab screeches to a halt while I shout at the top of my voice “Jesus fucking Christ what the fuck are you doing” to the kid. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather as it was me who got the stares and not the almost killed child. Forgetting that east London is a predominantly Muslim area, me shouting Jesus fucking Christ was akin to walking down the street naked. When it comes to a life almost being taken it shouldn’t matter who I shout because fuck religion in a moment like that. My heart as pounding as it was so frightening. We got into the cab and the driver thankfully said he spotted the ball and then slowed anyway as he thought the child might run out to get it. The vile sight below has just snapped me out of my throwbacks from yesterday and I shall now post. Friday is here, and we can dance happily in the knowledge that tomorrow is Saturday.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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