Bus Rage

10 Apr


This is all about last night rather than this morning, and my bus from Plumstead station along the road to where I live. I got onto the 96 as it was just pulling in as I got to the stop and it wasn’t too busy which is a bonus. Got on and stood in the wheelchair space as I only go two stops and there was no point sitting. Then a man gets on the exit doors and it surprises me. He is dressed well and looks rather like Harry Potter with those fucking awful glasses and then he looks like he is coming home from work. I thought maybe be just hopped on there as he thought it about to leave. He edged his way to the front of the bus and I thought he was going to tap his card or pay but no, the fucker just goes up the stairs to sit up there with no intention of paying at all. SCUM without a cause. I am used to seeing hooded wankers do that and drunk tramps but not someone who I would think is just like me do it. It gets worse mind as I toy with the idea of going to tell the driver but I hear he is busy with a man whose Oyster keeps beeping red rather than green meaning he has no money on it or it has expired. Then the driver just let’s him get on without paying so telling him about Houdini upstairs would have been a waste of breath. Some drivers are ready and will run upstairs to remove people who haven’t paid but this one didn’t bother and let someone else on for free – why do I bother paying at all? Why do any of us? Fuckers who don’t pay mean is costs more for the rest of us. Makes me sick. We have train ticket inspectors that I spied this morning on their way south to catch the real scum but then they miss seven for each one they do catch. Fools. The cycling wanker was there on the opposite side again this morning as you can see below. You also have a glimpse of Posh Pikey as he waits in his awful jacket further down the platform. He is a turkey. Oompa Lumpa and mother are on board with me this morning and I can already hear the tapping of makeup pots to ensure she is orange before leaving the train; her personal dressing room. The mascara woman is opposite me too but she isn’t trying to add more yet today. Train is a bit busier than usual though and she is in the aisle so maybe that is why she hasn’t bothered. Time to post as we are about to get even more busy. Argh.



Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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