9 Apr


The app says three minutes delayed but the board at the station says on time – who am I to believe? Aaaah now the station is telling me delayed – at 7.38 which is obviously as soon as it knew. Here I am on it and it’s late – what a surprise. Yesterday was a lot of fun after I posted. At Greenwich the driver got the emergency break stuck on and so I got off and onto the DLR after ten minutes of waiting and then headed into Bank. The train started to pull away just as the DLR I was on did so I couldn’t have gone back anyway. It was a change I suppose as it was a different DLR route to the one from Woolwich but it took fucking forever. I was a little late for work but as it is rare I don’t get my balls busted. Some photographic accompaniments this morning for you as I sit on the train next to a sleeping slob who stinks. A cyclist on the pavement who was there at the top of my road as I got there and then I followed him along the pavement on the bus and I was even able to shout abuse as I got off and then he finally came close enough to merit the abuse. As always the vacant stare as he didn’t understand because he was foreign but I sid my piece even if it was wasted breath. The woman in the picture was shouting in some east European dialect on the bus on her phone and chose to cover her mouth in at attempt to mask the din. It didn’t work and only acted as an amplifier for her vile gob. I didn’t manage to get her with her hand on her mouth, only on her head because the view was the obscured by a fat woman trying to squeeze herself into the seat. I keep smelling fried food on clothes and I just had to sniff my own cardi as I thought it was me. No it is definitely not me as I smell fresh and perfumed with Sarah Jessica Parker NYC this morning. Must be Jabba the Hut next to me in his slumber. Arms crossed but thankfully legs closed so I am not constantly battling to reclaim my own leg room. They usually do let their legs fall open when they sleep on the train so their crown jewels can spread out as much as they do but this one is different. Shame about the stench though invading my nostrils. It smells like a whole pack of bacon has been grilled on a very dirty grill pan – you know that smell of very burned animal fat which is disgusting? That is what I can smell as his wardrobe is in the kitchen. It must be awful living in a bedsit. Vile. Time to post I think even though you had another fruitless evening yesterday as I had my travel companion in the evening. I am meeting Julie later so you should get a blog on the way home even if it is a quiet journey. Until then, Obborati. Remember even if I don’t post, BdJ still loves you.






Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


One Response to “Conflicting”

  1. livesofcommuters April 9, 2014 at 11:30 am #

    I am a new reader of your blog and am very much enjoying it!

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