No Real Difference

7 Apr


The schools finished on Friday but the traffic was still heavy and the buses weren’t kind. I walked to the next stop as there wasn’t anything coming when I got to the one by my road. That cycling wanker was riding into the station again this morning but I was already on the platform although he did spot me and I am not sure if it was disgust or worry on his face. Either way he is still a prick. Not slipped under the train yet but time will be kind to that one eventually. Ball airer was there coquettishly leaning against the post as I arrived. I stood to his right – well in front of him as he always stands weirdly – and as soon as I did he wandered around to the other side of me and he has a new toy. He has a Kindle which means he can probably read. See below. The cover for his device looks like a naff old bible but I can assure you that it was a Kindle inside. The Oompa Lumpa and her mother are on the train this morning and the Oompa Lumpa is making herself more orange. I hear the familiar tapping of the cosmetic container so she can tap out just the right amount of orange for a terracotta hue for this spring day. The woman with ample eyelashes who insists on adding to them has got on in front of me and is applying more mascara. She must got through it so fast. Investing in an expensive one is much better as you need far less as I have discovered. Then again I have never enjoyed the look of spider legs on my eyelids as it doesn’t look very nice at all. We have gone one stop and she is stopped dabbling it on and the Oompa Lumpa is still tapping her orange pot. Christ these women need to get their priorities straight. I look simply amazing and spend very little time on applying war paint anyway. But then again when the canvas is perfect there isn’t much else to do, don’t you agree? Backstreet Boys and All Saints on Friday night was wonderful – it was good to be back at my second home. Next time will be the end of April. Mascara woman just had a drama as her massive bag spilled onto the floor but she didn’t stop applying her mascara for long to pick it all up. What a minger. Time to post now as I need to listen to music instead of the mumbling of the orange one and her crusty old mother to my left.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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