Friday 13th?

4 Apr


What the fuck? Everything seems to be going wrong today. Picture above I took at about half past seven this morning so you can see the melee on the trains. I haven’t even bothered going to the station and instead I got a very packed 180 to woolwich tog et on a DLR which isn’t very busy despite the trains being fucked. I apologise for a lack of a blog last night but I had a new train buddy to travel with but I am unsure if that will happen again as the walk from work almost killed her poor thing. The bus was rammed and as I got on I was pretty much sitting on the drivers lap, but then I used my brain to move along where the zombies cannot see a space. It’s embarrassing that we are the same species yet they are as thick as shit. Off to the O2 this evening to see the Backstreet Boys which will be fun. Watching paint dry would be more fun than my current situation being smothered with the stench of cheap coffee and being squashed by a ball airer next to me – see below. Just remembered some hilarity from yesterday when I was reading the paper online where they were reporting the smog – I haven’t really noticed any difference to be honest but hey. The pictures below were published. Look at those two fuckers riding along the pavement. I hope they get overcome by the fumes and keel over. Ball airer has closed his legs now and so I have reclaimed the space…. see below. Like I give a fuck. The derailed train was still in place last night when we went past and it is still there now. Not that causing these weird delays though and I have had no emails. I expect a mass clump just as I arrive at work the the usual useful information. Bunch of wankers. I dare say I won’t be able to blog this evening due to my evening out and I still haven’t decided on a route to the O2 yet – still perfecting that. Time to post as I need my ipod. Too many shouty phone people on here. Oh, here is an email…. below for your enjoyment and the only one so far. How useful. I should make a note.






Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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