Fuckwit Wednesday

2 Apr


The bus was full of them and the station is full of them – where so I begin with my host of pictures? Let’s take them in order shall we but there aren’t any of the bus. First we have the ball airer – from above as he was there before me today. As always standing making sure the air gets at his nasty sweaty genitalia and looking like a complete wanker at the same time. Then below is another picture of him from the front as he was stood in a slightly different place this morning. Then we have a man who thought he was SO clever but there is no outwitting BdJ. I could smell the cigarette but it took a little while to locate it but there he was leaning against a lamppost with a no smoking sign and reading The Sun. He had it curled up subtly in his hand but as soon as I saw him looking shifty he turned around as you can see, so his back was to me. Caught red gobbed though when he turned around, exhaled and I snapped the fucker. He soon flicked it onto the ground and continued trying to look nonchalant – all the while just looking like a pikey scumbag. Talking of which I have one next to me, complete with facial wounds. Sitting on the outside seat now next to me and head to toe in a tracksuit. He shit himself when I got on and said rather forcefully “excuse me please” because he must have thought it was the law come to ruffle his collar. Weird- he just stood up at Westcombe Park and didn’t get off. He went to the other bit earlier on, past the doors. What the fuck? No idea where he has gone. I will post now as I think he is dodgy and may try to steal my belongings. People that look like that aren’t on their way to work and aren’t dressed to be on their way to court.






Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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