Can’t You Read?

1 Apr


Just got onto the 18.46 which has been advertised on the concourse and on the platform and a man got on and sat in front of me. After a few moments he turned around and asked if the train went to Greenwich. Give me strength. How can you miss that it is going to Greenwich? They even announce via Greenwich on the audio and it is is big writing on the boards. No excuse not to know. If he had run for it without time to check then I understand the ask but when it still has ten minutes before it’s due to leave there is no reason to ask – that is just lazy. A picture above of a man on the train this morning after I posted, spreading out and enjoying the space. What a wanker. Sit properly dear, you are a grown up. I was a complete rebel on the bus and put my foot up on the seat to ease my aching back as all the decent seats were already occupied by fuckwits. Man on the train with the sneezes now and although I can’t see him, I can tell that he isn’t covering his gob and they are wet sneezes. What a kindly man he is sharing his scabby germs with the rest of us. Man has just got on dressed up for December with a heavy overcoat and a woolly scarf – do you think he is cold? Fuck knows how when it’s been warm today. Last picture is of the men on the building site as they were very busy sitting on the caterpillar Tracks. Time to post as I need my ipod and to bask in the sunlight that is still shining at this late hour.



Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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