Tampon Friday

28 Mar


New depths of absolute squalor at Plumstead station this morning as I have – ball airer has just arrived too – as I arrived at the station and have just had to kick a tampon onto the tracks from the platform edge. How fucking disgusting? It was still in its tube so it didn’t look used but still – the station is not a fucking toilet. Trains are delayed again today. Ball airer backed into his current position which is virtually inside me and is now waiting just like I am. The unnerving thing about these delays is that they are making platform announcements and they never usually bother. There is no reason given for the delay which is currently seven minutes and has gone from four to six and now seven while I have been stood here. The fast train is just going through five minutes late so I don’t think the 7.41 will be that late. Perhaps it is the fog but there have been no emails with info – it will probably be the old chestnut of “problems on the line” that they wheel out all the fucking time. We’ll – it arrived and it was only four minutes delayed. On board is hell though because the gobby whore Amy Childs wannabe is here and looking as ugly as ever and sharing her mundane life with the carriage and I am perched on the outside seat because the hipster next to me doesn’t know how to sit properly. Give me strength. He is wearing skinny jeans and has his legs apart so I can only imagine the turmoil his testicles are in during right now. He isn’t even sitting facing the front and is peering over my shoulder because of sitting like a fuckwit. I am done with today already and we haven’t even got to 8am yet. He is clutching his shit little LG phone – iPhone obviously has been dropped or through the wash and this is a backup phone – as if it was his penis, right by the tightly enrobed crotch area. Christ I want to punch him there so badly now simply because it would hurt as he may as well have just spray painted his bottom half blue to look like jeans with the amount of material that is in use. Time to post. I must escape.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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