Micro Management

26 Mar


Jesus – woman stood in front of me for the 7.31 which is delayed who has just said and I quote “I can’t do anything, I’m always short staffed. I got two people off with cancer. I can’t micro manage the pregnant woman” and she works for the NHS. Speaks volumes for the people who work there. No email about the 7.31 and we see still waiting and it is due at 7.37. I won’t be getting on this train as I am going to wait for the Cannon Street train. The 7.31 is for Charing Cross and will be busy already. Christ this woman from the NHS is a moron. Shouting at the top of her voice about her sad life with two sad women stood listening. I keep seeing her looking around to see how many people are listening to her. Evening within a five mile radius is listening because you are so fucking loud love. Change of plan. The 7.31 rolled in and it is still waiting here so I am on it. Change of plan again as I am now on a bus to Woolwich to get the DLR. On board waiting for it to go and then the driver comes on “I’m sorry, I have some bad news” and before he even had a chance to finish his statement I was off the train and up the steps while the morons on board stayed waiting. On the DLR now and it is 7.50 so not a bad transfer. Bus was full of morons as well as they were all stood by the doors when there were even seats available. I think most schools are closed today because of some sort of teacher attention seeking – sorry teacher pals but you get enough holidays – and the buses were quieter than usual. I got the above email well after the fact of fuckage and they lied because it did stop at my destination only it decided to stay there and will now be blocking the line for any other trains which is exactly why I hot footed it away from that shit to get an alternative mean of transport. Looks like the fuckwits are catching up as the DLR is getting busier by the second as it has been sitting here for a good five minutes waiting to load up. I have a seat and I don’t give a flying fuck about those standing. I wonder how the tubby NHS woman is going to get to work. I don’t care really. She is probably still sat on the train gobbing. I just out my sunglasses on as we are going through a tunnel. Such a rebel. I look amazing though. Nothing like two quid Primark aviators to make a girl look fabulous. Mirrored too so it makes people look at me  as they are actually looking at themselves. There we go – north of the river before 8am which is sooner than usual. Time to post as I am being rattled from side to side on this carriage. 

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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