Teetering Fool

24 Mar


Train melee this evening and I am on platform three on the 18.46 – there were apparent emergency engineering works that had to be carried out earlier on which caused mayhem and we are now paying that price. The problems happened before lunchtime so I am surprised we are even moving. Just spent a good few minutes kicking flaked chocolate from my foot area as the person before obviously couldn’t fit it in their hob and it went all over the floor. I don’t want melted chocolate on my shoes when I get home and so I am now as safe as I think I can be with the crap on the floor. I imagine many zombies will get on this train and not realise that it isn’t there one. There is a train on the usual platform but I don’t know where it is going. Perhaps it is broken down. There doesn’t seem to be anyone on it. Woman has just got on and sat down in front of me. She is trussed up like she was in Siberia and has closed the window. It isn’t cold anymore – and I have dried below the waist as I am sure you were concerned this morning – and she will be sweating her tits off in about five minutes once the doors close and we are on the move. She has spread out with her vile bag and entourage of crap. Kiss goodbye to that space when we load up at London Bridge love. More VIB wankers have just got on and taking up four seats with two asses and their bags. One has braved the public toilet on board which should only be used when very drunk. We have all done it but at least you don’t remember how vile it is when you are drunk. On to our title and the picture because I almost forgot to narrate that bit. She teetered past me this morning and it honestly looked as though she was tip toeing through a minefield in the style of Princess Diana on a mission to a war torn country and she knew where the mines were and they were close together. The truth is that she was wearing stupid boots that she couldn’t walk in so the teetering was hilarious as she thought that she was looking so fucking amazing when she did just look like a dick. Took her twice as long to pass me as anyone with normal shoes on and she had made such an effort with her slap and wardrobe. I have realised that by boarding on a different platform I am in fact a whole carriage back from where I usually sit. This will explain why I don’t recognise anyone but a change is as good as a rest and I’m not complaining at the eye candy sitting next to me. The slag in front didn’t move her bags so the six seats in front are occupied by five asses and her fucking bags. The fuckers opposite haven’t moved at all and there are people standing. Blood is boiling and I am ready to go home and lay down. Monday done for another week. Roll on Friday? Or is that too soon to ask for?

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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