Numb Bum

24 Mar

What was the sun doing this weekend? It certainly wasn’t out for very long and it was pretty chilly and showery. I had to leave the washing to dry indoors and that is why I am wearing damp trousers this morning and because of the freezing temperatures outside my ass is now numb and no doubt blue. Not helped by having to walk along the road and battle with fuckwits in hoods milling by the bus stops. I got tutted at but then she soon shut her Pikey gob when I said she needs to look where she is walking. On board the fuckwit express and no ball airer, Posh Pikey or Amy Childs wannabe today which is blissful. Instead we are sharing oxygen with a mixture of other fuckwits. Man who looks like he is checking out his penis when it is in fact his phone in his lap, all the while his nasty looking VIB is next to him and this is in a seat by the doors. He will soon be moved if anyone can summon the strength to tell him to shift his crap on this Monday morning. I am wondering why the heating is blasting out today when it is cold but not freezing at all on board of the train. It is drying the bits of my trousers that were less wet and the real dampness is around the waistband and bum area. Such a pleasant feeling. I thought it was warm enough indoors to dry properly as it wasn’t cold enough to put the heating on. I can’t concentrate anymore because it’s too hot and the slag in front is on her phone now. Time to post. Hope I dry soon.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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