Not Friday?

20 Mar

Surely it must be Friday because I don’t think I have another morning left in me for another round of Find the Fuckwit but I am only too aware that it is Thursday today. The buses were all up the swanny this morning and although I did stop and wait for one that was loading up at the stop before, the time that it took to leave that stop was too long and so I concluded it would be rammed and started to walk. The sheer number of people waiting where I was also put me off and by the time I had walked to the next stop it was only just pulling in as it groaned from the sheer weight of fuckwits inside. It was Needless to say a very brisk walk and now I am the proud owner of a glistening top lip and a soon to be fuzzy hairdo because of the sweat that has formed. I am sticky. Many faces that I don’t know on the train but that is a good thing. Man nearby who is using the space between two seats as a cloakroom and it is poking out and taking up the space where someone could sit behind. Nobody wants a scabby anorak resting on their knees and so far nobody has sat there even though they have paused to consider it. If there wasn’t two seats available when I got on so I could sit by the window you know what seat I would have chosen and what would have happened to said anorak. Absolutely uproar to tuts and sighs from fellow commuters buy would I give a fuck what they thought? I think you know that answer already. Someone has braved the seat – a nice lairy man who has just batted the item out of the way. It keeps flicking back onto him. Now he has shoved the dangling part back between the two seats. Next move will be just pushing it back through the gap in the seats. Why are people such fucking selfish wankers? It makes my blood boil when I see them. If we all thought about other people then life would be so much better. I hope that my continued and often groundhog day style ranting has made you all better commuters so you think about what you do when you get onto a train or a bus. Another example of a commute no no is having left your clothes in the kitchen so they stink and this morning I have that overpowering stench of cooking fat next to me. I wish she would fuck off so I can get a picture of the jacket poking out. Time to post. I am too livid to continue typing. I need to silently seeth and prepare myself for the fuckwittery of London Bridge at rush hour.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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