19 Mar


I am stood in close proximity to the ball airer today and downwind of him and I can confirm he stinks. Not of sweat but just that stench that follows people with dirty greasy hair and scabby clothes and coat. It wasn’t nice at all but needs must to ensure getting on the train and I did. I had to back into him as he didn’t move back when he was out of line for the doors again so I needed to shuffle him out of the way so I wasn’t in the way. God it’s like he was waiting for it as he stood firm and I just audibly retched. On board and sitting in front of the Oompa Lumpa and her mother as they can sit in a two because there is no Amy Childs wannabe here this morning. Mother was regailing daughter with a story about paying at a restaurant and how the server wandered off when she was paying with the chip and pin machine. Once you are going the server doesn’t give a shit. Especially if you are as boring and cheap as you clearly are and she won’t be getting a tip. I had to get the ipod out as soon as I sat down to drown out the bullshit as they are far too loud if I can hear what they are waffling on about. Shut up morons and know your place. That bloke from last night, you know the one, sitting like a wanker with his back to the empty seat by the window, he didn’t move at London Bridge, or Deptford or anywhere in fact until we got to Plumstead which is where he got off. What a wanker. Another picture of him above for your viewing enjoyment. I also realised that I was on the same train as I was on Monday night as the smear of blood – below – was there again. Not as exciting as younger rash mugs buy memorable. Time to post as there are too many fuckwits now trying to suck the life out of me and I need my guard up. Until this evening.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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