17 Mar


The train stopped too far up today so instead of faffing with the ball airer and Posh Pikey – again dressed like a young John Barrowman – I went for the doors behind. Hooray the camera is back to working normally now and pictures that I have taken now are selectable from my albums. It took hours over the weekend but we appear to be back to normal. Ball airer was there before me this morning and stood slightly off course. I stood in my usual placed and when I then glanced to my left which is the direction that the train drives off in, he then had his back to me and was facing the opposite way down the tracks to usual. Then he started walking all around me like a male lion trying to woo a female and of course I just snorted at this courtship dance and thought about pushing him onto the tracks instead. Cock. On the train which is on time and in the unusual carriage. Man with his very important jacket tried to hinder my ass sitting down but I just stood next to the half occupied seat, said nothing and waited. He eventually shifted his jacket and virtually huffed as if I had just pissed in his face, and then I sat down. What a wanker – what is it about this level of fuckery on a Monday? I can’t stand it. I had an eventful weekend and ventured up on the Emirates Cable Car from the O2 and although I said that I would then get the DLR back from the ExCel centre I thought the cable car back would be easier. Fucking hell it was an experience. Amazing pictures but when you are dangling and then swinging miles in the air as we stop mid flight to let someone slow on at one end it isn’t nice. Picture below of the beauty that is London by dusk for your visual entertainment. Apologies for the window in the shot but I didn’t think it was a good idea to shuffle to the right any more as it would make the pod unbalanced. This carriage is a bit different, mostly because the fuckwit Amy Childs wannabe is completely inaudible and I don’t have to see her fucking ugly face. I wonder if I should switch to this door from now on? Then again if I do it will make ball airer and Posh Pikey think they have won although they both fuck about with other doors when I stand my ground. That has made my.mind up then – no door dallying for me in future. I still can’t get over the fuckwit with his jacket. As if that is seriously a valid excuse not to have anyone next to you. Just gone over the A2 flyover and caught a glimpse of the cable car and the O2…. pooped my pants a little bit again. Time to post now as I need the ipod to come out to keep me entertained. Too many fuckwits aboard now for my liking.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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