No Bus

5 Mar

I walked this morning as there wasn’t any buses forthcoming and so there were way too many people waiting for one – to travel two stops like I do. In such cases I don’t care about walking. I got to the middle stop and there were a load of people waiting and a 177 appeared and so they all began clamouring to get a place. Fuck that shit, I would rather walk. I was two thirds of the walk to the station by the time it finally passed me, heaving g with fuckwits. Some days the buses are on my side, but today they weren’t. Now I am on the train with half an ass on the seat because the man next to me is massive and spread out reading a book. Legs wide apart as are his arms. What a kindly gentleman. Fucking wanker. It means that when the train gets busier I will be required to move with the flow and have fucking arsed perched on my shoulder and bags in my face. I love sitting next to a fat arsehole, I really do. Oh yes, that would be the condescending bitch coming out again there. Woman in front now burbling away in a foreign language and pissing me off. It is like how I hear the people who live upstairs to me when they are having a conversation. Muffled but fucking loud. I need the ipod and I will reach for it and try not to lose my balance and topple arse over tip into the aisle because of fatso next to me. I know I am not super skinny but fuck me, just gather your fat up and sit it on one seat. I don’t need to be this close to someone that I don’t know. Someone else has started on the phone and we are collecting Charlton morons and so it is time to post.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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