4 Mar

I am on the ill fated 8.21 and it is delayed due to the generic problems on the line. Therefore pretty rammed and I’m listening to a woman talk shit nearby. Someone is wearing way too much Hugo Boss aftershave and my eyes are bleeding and I wish I was at home in bed. Christ this commute gets worse every day. I am late as I went to get my blood test results this morning and I am healthy apart from low vitamin D so I have been given tablets to take and I then need to go for another blood test in 12 weeks – joy. I miss my usual train this morning. I also miss posting pictures and I did try and sort it out last night but I don’t think it is fixed. There is another gobby whore now on her fucking double headphones hands free and she is next to the other woman gobbing. I am ready to kill. Time to post because I need the ipod to take me away.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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