Give Me Strength

28 Feb

Currently being deafened by screaming little fuckers who should be muted permanently but their father can’t control them so we all must suffer. It’s raining this morning and so the bus was rammed. So rammed that the woman behind me kept holding on to me as she had nothing else to hold on to as we stood virtually on the drivers lap. Then when we got off, all the fucking morons had to pause to open their umbrellas and then they were hindered by having to carry the umbrella through the rain. They were so fucking slow and we got a bottleneck at the station where we got down the steps onto the platform. This bottleneck was caused by a child being allowed to carry a fucking massive golf umbrella. Why the fuck would you let a child of about five or six carry something like that? Friday seems to be just bad parenting morning as there were about five or six groups of fucking morons with screeching kids on the platform. These kids being allowed to run riot though just next to my right ear need a fucking slap. Oh, now they are all going to sit down together all on separate seats. I think this is the bloke who encourages the kids to push in front of people on the bus as I have had run ins with them before and told them to fuck off. Just be a better parent. Interact with them instead of letting them screech and shout out the window at 1000 decibels because that is not acceptable at any time. Children should be seen and not heard and if I had my way not even seen. If you can’t be arsed to look after them then adopt then out to people that can be arsed. It would mean a stop to your free benefit cash but fuck it, at least you get a lay in. Jesus I am going to punch then all in a minute. It is ridiculous. Gobby little fuckers. Time to post but then my hands won’t be busy typing… oh daddy I need a wayway… fucking hell. Go away.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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