27 Feb

It is drizzly this morning with a bit of a breeze and that means that I am not pretty chilled to the bone after standing on the platform edge waiting for the train. I refuse to stand under the roof while waiting like the other fuckwits. I prefer to be in position and ready to board without an umbrella while standing under a shelter. I have just caught sight of my hair in the reflection in the window though and it looks special. Hoodie cardigan isn’t kind to already fluffy hair but I don’t really care. The more vagrant I look the less people fuck with me. Today the vagrancy scale says at least 7 so I am good to go. I have just got a whiff of wet dog though as someone got on at Woolwich Dockyard so someone is outdoing me. It might actually be a wet dog but I don’t care to turn around and check. A pair of chatting women are nearby who are sitting on opposite sides of the aisle in the style of mens men who don’t want to look gay. I am surprised to see it from women when there are seats available closer together. I am going to have to cut this short because the fat woman next to me is spreading out and I am limited in arm movements now. Also to drown out the morons talking so the ipod will be emerging from my bag. Until this evening, Obborati.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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