25 Feb

My arm has been sore today where they took the blood. It is a wonder I have managed to get through the day with the amount they took. I am sure they were stocking up a blood bank with the bottles and bottles they took. If I wasn’t anaemic before then I sure am now. It was another walk behind morons with their phones and also bitches with shopping bags. I was rammed into the wall of the Royal Exchange by a dopey cow and her Selfridge bags when she refused to walk on the same side as everyone else coming in her direction and so I had no choice. I scrapes my Monsoon bag against the walls but it is fine. It gets treated well usually. It was another crazy mad day at work with no enough people in so I am juggling everything all the while I can’t concentrate in anything. It isn’t nice at all. Looks like the 18.46 is going to be leaving late as we haven’t gone yet and it is 18.46 – why do I even bother to note these things? We are off at last. I am ready to lay down. I want to get pictures sorted so I will see if I can be arsed to do that this evening. Fingers crossed I can sort it as it’s pissing me right off now. Time to post. I can hear someone else’s music and I want to hear my own.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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