Too Much Fuckery

24 Feb

I don’t even know why they are fucking me off more today than every other day – in fact I don’t think they even are and it is the same every day – but I have Bitch Rage this evening. Way too many fuckwits ambling on their phones tonight and it seemed like way more than normal. Why? It is Monday and there were about two people in the pub so they can’t be waiting for an invite. It’s not payday yet so they have no money to drink yet anyway. Why are they walking and texting? More fuckers coming at me through red lights and ignoring the tirade of abuse that came out of my mouth at them. Why can’t they hear me or why do they choose to ignore it? Why? I am not quiet or polite. On the 18.46 which was announced at 18.31 but only rocked up after about six or seven minutes and the platform as heaving. I don’t know if the 18.30 was cancelled which may explain the higher numbers of morons waiting. There was a train on platform three so there was a nice guide of where the doors will stop but they still all stand in the wrong place and act as though they are in the right place. It is too funny to watch what I am able to just stroll right on as the shuffle along to my left and right to get to the door they thought they were already at. I will be late in the morning as I have an appointment at Dr Bitchlips but not with the old hag herself thankfully as she doesn’t start work until gone ten I think and my appointment is 8.10am. I am sick of feeling so fucking rough and thirsty all the time and tired so I am tentatively going to see a doctor who will probably print me some leaflets. I am hoping for a blood test and hoping for anaemia and hoping for treatment within a week. We shall see what tomorrow brings. I get a tiny lay in which will be pleasant. My left contact lens has been pissing me off all day. I think it has a tiny tear in it which has been irritating me every time I blink. I cannot wait to get home and whip it out so my eye will be my own again. Time to post I think. We are now oversubscribed on the train after collecting the livestock at London Bridge and I can’t be arsed. Until tomorrow, Obborati.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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