20 Feb

I have pictures but I can’t fucking get to them but there was something on fire at the station this morning. Sorry – just had to stop to video Oompa Lumpa applying her slap. She is day-glow orange today and looks fucking awful. Anyway, back to the fire. Yes, it was down the tracks towards Abbey Wood and where they park the trains sometimes in the sidings. It looked d like part of the track was on fire as there was lots of smoke billowing up and blowing about in the wind. I wasn’t going to stop and call the fire brigade though because that would fuck up my trip to work and it would also have been my second visit from firemen in less than 24 hours as we had a fire alarm at work yesterday. Sitting at this angle behind Oompa Lumpa can allow me to see quite how ugly she is. Her skin is horrific and of course that isn’t helped by the sheet amount of make up that is slapped on every day. I will post the video on the Facebook page for you to see. She has enough equipment in her giant bag – you will see – to ensure the entire cast of Towie and Geordie Shore are kept orange for weeks. This is one girl. Absolutely dog. The man sat behind her which may come out in the video isn’t satisfied with taking up two seats and instead he is sitting on the outside and is sticking out about two feet with his fucking newspaper. No need for that shit at all. Just sit in properly so people can get past you. Because he isn’t moving at all I have to shift in to let people past and I’m not actually sticking out anywhere. Jesus – Oompa Lumpa mother has just dramatically slammed a window again so her previous yet over pigmented daughter doesn’t have any hue of blue about her terracotta visage. I’m too annoyed now. I will upload the video and perhaps see if I can get the pictures onto the Facebook page too so you can see them. Pissing me right off. That man with his fucking paper needs to move his huge thigh because I’m not moving again.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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