19 Feb

I get to Cannon Street and there is two minutes until the train leaves only the train I need to get on is four coaches down the fucking platform and so I have just jogged along to ensure my ass was on board. Needless to say I am a little breathless but sitting on the train and surrounded by the usual mid-evening commuters who are mostly fuckwits. Who am I kidding? They are always mostly fuckwits. Still not sorted the pictures out since the update but I will see what I can sort when I get home as I have some pictures for you to gawp at from the last few days. I am pissed off by a fuckwit sitting nearby surrounded by bags who is on her phone and keeps saying “hello” at the top of her fucking voice. Why don’t people get the hint when they don’t get a reply – you either have no signal or the other person has got so bored with your shit that they have hung up. Usually the latter judging by the fucking bullshit that you hear people talking about on the train. My music is really loud and I can still hear her gobbing on. I think I am going to post. Not many people to slag off and even if there were, they would be drowned out by mega gob on her blower. Fuck off, love because I don’t care.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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