Half Term Fuckwits

18 Feb

Kids with gobs thinking they own the fucking world. Please, do one. First two on Boris bikes coming at me through a red light, and they were older but most definitely on half term as they stuck out like a sore thumb. Trackies, dodgy hats and they look as though they haven’t washed for days. You know the look. If they were on foot their pants would be hanging out of the back of their trousers. Then as I am still shouting obscenities at them after their smart-ass replies to me asking why they went through the red light another little fucker comes past on the pavement and just says “fuck off” to which I replied “was I talking to you, squirtface?” which shut him up. He had two larger friends following up the rear who found my name for him hilarious but at short notice it was all I could come up with for a rat faced midgety gobby school kid. Why do they come to the City on half term? A day of spitting and McDonald’s while dragging their knuckles along the pavement at a fucking snails pace then sauntering to Cannon Street to go home so they can play X Box and watch porn. What a fucking disgrace. It was dry today so there have been more of them about than yesterday and I loathe then more than when they are forced down my throat being fuckwits on the morning bus. The 18.46 is moving and on time this evening and so I don’t know where I am as it is an alien experience. It has been a busy day today at work and I had a luncheon appointment with a dear friend who works nearby so I didn’t get a chance to read much gossip at lunch but I did read a story that I shared on the Facebook page earlier. Woman, 40, and pregnant who moaned that people didn’t give her a seat in the train and she was forced to sit on the floor when she had a wobbly moment on a commuter train. She thinks South West trains should allow pregnant women over 20 weeks to sit in first class where there is always seating available. This woman is head of communication for a company yet she failed to actually open her gob to ask someone to get up for her and assumed a badge is enough. Fuck off, love. If you want to sit down you flash your badge, rub your bump and ask. People aren’t mind readers when they are in their commuting bubble. They need help as most are zombies. This train is quote busy as we are short formed. I got the email about it before I left work and I predicted it would then be delayed and then cancelled as some have been recently. Woman on her phone nearby and using hands free so we can all hear her so she can hear her with both earphones in. Time to get the ipod out and drown that bitch out. If another kid crosses me today he will get a clop round the ear and another ingenuous insult which doesn’t involve any sweating. Fucking little shits.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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