Fuck Friday

14 Feb



So far I am ready to kill. Train fuckage as you can see from above and thus the 7.41 is busy, oh and also delayed. It pulls in and that fucking slag with the fucking buggy and her fucking kids are on again and in the fucking way. She gets off at Deptford to drop kids off at school. Another case of faking that they live in the catchment area like that stupid foreign woman back in September who has the daughter with a death wish. I wanted to sit near the doors but instead I am penned in by the window by four men all sat with their crown jewels bursting out. Poor man on the platform waiting for the train who looks like he has shit himself judging by the bulging area of his jeans at the back. He looked a right twat with that outfit in and kept adjusting his Superdry man-bag as the strap was twisted. What a mincer. Man up and take a backpack, dear. I have decided to sit with my legs apart now as a protest and to air my crown jewel. Speaking of airing that weird fucking specimen the ball airer was at the station this morning. He appeared out of nowhere from behind me, came and stood inside my clothing and blocked my view of natural light for about two minutes and then fucked off again. He is vile. Had a bigger shit bulge in the back of his trousers too than the other bloke. Fuck this shit, I can’t be arsed. Train is getting rammed and I am bubbling away ready to lash out shortly. Wish me luck.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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