11 Feb


I was not myself yesterday so I wasn’t on the wonderful commuter trains, and I was instead at home. Back at it this morning though and hating every second as I have already had to witness the ball airer dancing about the whole area that four or five people usually occupy on the platform. That was until I sauntered down and stood my group so he had to stand elsewhere and in one place. It isn’t a fucking game, foolio. I wasn’t however in the state the man above was on Friday night. The three stages of the journey – when I got on the train, then at Deptford and finally Plumstead where he was laying down and snoring loudly. I was tempted to wake him up but then thought fuck it as he got himself into that state so he can sort it out himself. Then on to the bus where I saw the beauty below – bearing in mind this was half past midnight and she had a buggy and a toddler with her – and she was special. A wonderful stripe of blonde which must have been natural of course through her hair and woollen leggings – what a fucking mess? Seeing children on a bus at that time is just wrong. Why do you need to have tour small kids out then? It was the same when I got the bus on Saturday night too as there was a buggy in the wheelchair space at gone 11pm as well as a wheelchair and as you can see a man sitting on the lap of the woman in the wheelchair. From the look of her, she was just fat so needed the wheelchair to avoid having to walk anywhere and they had been to M&M World – stocked up on sweets and guzzled them to add more weight to her already huge frame. In short it was a bus wanker weekend. Train was on time this morning and I had to wake my now neighbour up as her scarf was on the empty seat next to her. I toyed with just shoving it onto her lap and sitting but I woke her anyway. Fuck me, today is going to be a long one.





Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.



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