Thank Fuck

6 Feb


I got this email when I was getting ready and thanked the lord that it wasn’t mine. That train is going to suffer even more than mine would as well as there are more people who travel after 8am so a short formed train on a tube strike day will be complete and utter hell. Speaking of hell I witnessed it on the bus last night. It pulled in by the station just as I got there so I thought it was rude to let it pass by, as it would get me home that little bit faster. Wrong. First we had to negotiate our way past the fat whore chatting to the driver and then we had to wait as they continued to chitty chat on our time. She didn’t move from that spot for the two stops I was on the bus, and her ass continued to block the entrance at the stop after I got on as well. You aren’t meant to talk to the driver let alone stop for a full on conversation just because – I assume – he is your mate. Fuck off, love. I want to get home and not listen to your gob. No Amy Childs wannabe again but I am travelling for sure with the Oompa Lumpa mother as she is sitting nearby on her own. She must be basking in all the time that she now has on her commute but she is too low down on the intelligence scale to put that time to good use and will be flicking through the Metro instead. The Tweeldes blocked my path into the station when I was on my way in as the ambled with their cups of coffee because they are so fucking trendy. I didn’t huff or puff, I just continues to walk – slither like a snail – behind them until he realised he was walking at a pace that would make a funeral march look like a sprint and shifted and I thanked them as although I can’t stand them, it isn’t good to be mean to dumb animals. Email update telling me about the 8.03 also being short formed. Isn’t that weird? A train two minutes after the 8.01 having the same difficulties? Man just got on at Charlton with a Harvey Nichols carrier bag rustling in his hand that he has now put in the luggage rack. People who choose to use boutique carriers rather than the Aldi or Tesco that is the real place they do their food shopping are morons. Delusions of grandeur and the only person who is impressed that you once bought something from Harvey Nichols is you mate. Until this evening, Obborati, and good luck on your commute again.



Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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