More Fuckage

6 Feb


Look what happened to the 8.01/8.03 in the end – cancelled and again I’m fucking glad I am not involved in that shit. Must have been absolute hell for the people on the next train. Yet another email about severe weather that we are still to see – that is three in the last seven days. Another email as well about the fuckage this evening and as I got to Cannon Street early – fuck knows how with the umbrella nazis – I am on the 18.30 as I can’t be arsed to wait around for ages for the 18.46. I saw ET on a bike this evening peddling down St. Swithins Lane at speed. A woman with a huge plastic cape on so she didn’t get wet and it was billowing behind her and all I could think was ET with the sheet over him on the bike – what a fucking sight? The 18.30 is annoying me as a man has boarded on his phone and while having his very loud and dull conversation he has disrobed himself of his big flappy coat and is now sitting down with his Macbook on his lap and is still gobbing on. Fuck off dear, I don’t care. Ipod is out already and we are only just moving off now. It wasn’t bad again this morning. I saw the short man wanker – from the seat argument – who couldn’t get onto the bus I was on at Bank as it was too full and he ran to get one behind. Just walk you lazy fuckwit. It wasn’t raining and it’s about ten minutes to Old Street. I had been on the bus for twenty minutes when we got there so I am of course allowed to stay. It is so funny watching people who get the tube usually go one stop on the bus when they could just walk. So fucking lazy. They barge on to get a seat and before you know it they are off again. Not worth it at all. They are fuckwits though. Another fuckwit on this train is the woman who owns the VIC – very important coat – below who is using a handle as her wardrobe. I think she also has her VIB next to her as that seat is empty but I can’t see for sure. Wouldn’t be surprised though. Friday can’t come soon enough. I’m still shattered from last week’s fun and games – a week ago that I had the pleasure of up close and personal Leto Love. I have more tomorrow though as I am off to the cinema after work so doubtful there will be a post tomorrow evening. I will see how I feel though but I will be late home. Macbook wanker is still gobbing on and tapping away on said Macbook. I wish he would fuck off and die. He is on a train to scabby south east London and with any luck getting mugged will shut him up. Fingers crossed. I will wait with my phone poised to get pictures if it happens. Don’t worry, they won’t mug me. Nobody wants a BlackBerry in this day and age. I’m safe and smug.




Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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